Live In Everett... we have lift off. Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to Live In Everett! We're ecstatic about contributing to the Everett community. Our main goal is to highlight the good things happening in Everett. 

Speaking of good things, check out this short video recapping some of the fun that went down around town over the Summer:

Here's the 3 things you can expect from us:

1. Weekly blog posts by local people about local things. We're currently working on partnering with different people from around the community to contribute.

2. The most extensive events calendar for awesome events in Everett (disclaimer, when we say "awesome", we're not talking about Grandma's knitting class. Actually, we might put that on there, just because Grandma's are usually pretty awesome, too).

3. Weekly Newsletters. If you subscribe we'll send you a newsletter every week with snippets from the latest blog posts and upcoming events for the weekend. 

Thanks for being here and for being a part of this community.

See you out there!

-Live In Everett